About Lights Inspired

I am honoured and humbled to be connecting with you today! If you feel that our paths have crossed for a reason and you feel guided to work with me, then please browse through this site and contact me if it feels like a good fit.

Most of my inspiration comes from being in nature, especially the mountains. The special mountain energy never fails to recharge, repair and heal. From a young age I have been intrigued by the natural healing powers of energy, which lead me to become a Usui Reiki Master in 2013. I have also studied Reflexology since 2014 and finished an education in Human Services in 2018. Currently I am concentrating on learning everything I can related to trauma-informed modalities to help people heal and grow.

Every day I get inspired by the many forms of light in nature; the magnificent daily light shows provided by Mother Nature, the lights in the night sky that hold promise and hope, the inspiring lights that walk on this earth, both in human and animal form and the healing light that is Reiki. Since becoming a Usui Reiki Master I have been truly amazed by the healing that is possible when we trust the all knowing life force energy that is within all of us. Combining this healing energy with reflexology has been a wonderful experience. Studying these two ancient healing arts has been very rewarding, it remains my goal to continue to deepen my skills in both practices and more healing practices.

I grew up in the Netherlands with a significant Indonesian influence, and have lived in Alberta since 2006. I have a passion for learning about different cultures and different types of healing, believing that we can find solutions by staying open to all aspects of the healing journey which can be different for individual people and circumstances. I have aways believed in the connection between Spirit, Mind and Body and how healing needs to occur in all levels for people to thrive. With empathy and understanding I hope to be a source of support for anyone I encounter on this journey through life.

Lights InspiredMy purpose is to be of service and to create safe spaces. When we feel safe and supported we can thrive. So if there are other experiences or reasons that led you to this website, never hesitate to connect. I would love to hear from you!

My goal in life is to keep learning and keep growing, in all areas of my life. I try to stay open minded and ride the waves of life as they come. When we focus on the bigger picture and try to live our best lives, I believe we are all capable of thriving and be the best version of ourselves.

Feel free to contact me at hello@lightsinspired.com if you wish to share something with me or if you have any questions.

Remember to keep shining your light!

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