Sankalpa 2020

The past few weeks have been about reflecting and setting intentions for me. I found that it was about time to process some of the many things that had happened in the past few years and either let them go or build on them. In order to figure out what I needed to let go of I needed to clear the fog in my head. It was clouding my thinking too much.

The past few years I have been attending an annual Sankalpa session at one of my favourite yoga studios at the beginning of a new year. A sankalpa is an intention formed by the heart and mind. Typically you are asked to invite in a word or a sentence and use that intention during a slow flow yoga session ending with yoga nidra to figure out what exactly you would like to manifest.

This practice helps me reflect on where I would like to direct my focus. Honestly this process made me experience some uncomfortable emotions I didn’t really want to feel, but I had to go through them in order to get clear. Through this process I realized I want to grow more resilient and gain clarity. I also learned that my number one driving force is connection; deep and genuine connection to myself, others and to the universe. I am hoping that gaining clarity will allow me to continue to live my life with an open heart and open mind so that those connections will manifest and grow stronger.

So while connection is my overall goal to keep focusing on, my word for 2020 is CLARITY – clear the fog and silence all the unnecessary stories I am holding onto. Let them go and create new stories, ones that resonate more with where I am at in life right now…

(This picture was taken in Banff National Park where I found the ultimate spot to reflect and let the mountain vibes fill my cup (which was really needed 😊))