Just breathe

Just Breathe beach ed wp copy

As we’re starting off the new year and I’m already starting to feel overwhelmed by all the things I will need to catch up with after a very relaxing Christmas break, I’m trying to bring myself back to a state of mind where I can just breathe and be in the moment.

Walking on the beach  – listening to the wind and feeling it clear my head, looking back at the footprints I’m making on my journey  – has always been a sort of meditative way for me to reflect on life and get some perspective. Always remember to just breathe …..

No matter how overwhelming life gets, it always helps to bring yourself back to being aware of your breath and be in the moment. It has helped me many times to just become aware of my feelings and emotions. I know it can be hard sometimes to just observe our feelings and not try to “fix” things. But often that’s all we need to do; just become aware….. just breathe ….

Photo: The beach at Zandvoort, The Netherlands, 2012.

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