Last week I had hand surgery. I have a few bones in my left shoulder, elbow and hand that sort of grew the wrong way. The one in my hand took a hit when I fell down the stairs about 11 years ago and landed on concrete. Since then a cyst had attached itself to this bone, which would vary in size depending on activity levels. Together they were putting pressure on a tendon and the pain would spread throughout my whole hand and into my arm to my shoulder. The pain became too much, and last week the day I had been waiting for for quite a while arrived… bone fragment and cyst removed 😊

As much as I was prepared to let go of this painful part of my body, I was not prepared for the pain after and the (temporary) loss in function in my hand. To make me feel this more my darling girl came down with a bad case of the flu, my dog was suffering from the runs and we are fostering a kitty who was on antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection. As overwhelmed as I felt with taking care of everyone while dealing with my own pain, I was also fully aware of my need to give in and slow down. This has been quite a year for us and reflection is certainly needed.

Another take away was that experiences like these are the best teachers for developing more empathy and gratitude. To experience something that other people deal with longterm on a daily basis. As much as we try to understand what others go through, actually being in this position leaves a lasting impression.

At this time I am slowly regaining some strength and mobility in my left hand and fingers, and I am learning I am pretty fast at typing only with my right hand ….!
So in saying all this I would like to close off this year (and decade) with empathy, compassion and gratitude
Onwards to the new decade filled with new experiences, new lessons and (my personal favourite) new adventures! 

🏔 The mountains are calling 🏔 

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